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Best Method to Approve Google Adsense For Beginner Top 12 Tricks

Best Method to Approve Google Adsense For Beginner Top 12 Tricks: - so hello guys here I will be sharing with you about the latest 12 tricks by which you can get your Google Adsense approval very easily in 2019. What all the thing you have to do I will be sharing with you today so check out this article and you can also check out the video in below in which I share how to get Google Adsense Approved 2019 IN Hindi.

1.      Original Content 

12 Tips To get Approval Of Google Adsense In 2019

So now as you all already know that Content is the king that’s right. Content is king and you should know how to write that content and what all the things you should do. But the major thing is you should use original content that means content should be made by you or don’t use any copy content things. Because it will be not good for your website and you will not get approval at all for sure. 

2.      No Download Links & No Pornography

Google Adsense Policy

As per the google policy you cannot use Download links, you can’t use Adult content like as pornography and you cannot make a website where you are sharing about Guns, Drugs etc. which is harmful to people. 

3.      Minimum 500 to 1000 Words

Now come to the third point which is you should not write post less than 500 words and that’s minimum you should write at least 500 words and you can write more than that. If you write 1000 words that will also great. 

4.      SEO Friendly Theme

So now you must be things about that why I added SEO friendly theme basically that means you should keep your website SEO friendly so crawl come to your website and check everything easily and SEO friendly theme will help you out to Index on Google Search Engine. And that will help to increase your website traffic. 

5.      Mobile Responsive Theme

mobile responsive theme

Your website should be Responsive or should be open in mobile easily or should not be complicated to find out the navigation. 

6.      Pages And Categories

 Now jump to the Pages and Categories it’s the most important part of this basically this will help your audience to know what all you are providing them and what all pages you do have.

7.      Remove Useless Things

So this thing most of the people never ever did so they never remove unwanted gadgets and widgets from the website and keep them in the back end. Which is not good because it will drop down your website speed? Which is not good and Google prefers to give account approval for those who having lighting fast website.  

8.      Remove Other Network Advertisement

Most of the people don’t know about that if they are serving any other server ads on their website then they will not be getting Google Adsense Approval. So don’t use Any Other Google Adsense while you are applying for Google Adsense. 

9.      Add Your Blog in Webmaster

So know you should add your blog to Webmaster and you should submit your website sitemap and robots.txt which will help crawl to crawl your website and then you will get approval on your Adsense account. 

10.  TLD 

Google Adsense Approval TLD

You must be thinking about what is TLC so that means Top Level Domain just like as .com, .org,  .net you can use these if you go for .cc, .tk or some free stuff then you will not be going to get approval.  Because they all are a low-level domain which will very rarely get approved.

11.  Add Important Pages

Now here come to the important pages that mean in your website you should have the major page which any user wanted. Like as Home Page, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy etc. they all are the major pages. So must make these pages while you are making a website and want to approve that. 

12.  Don’t Go For Paid Traffic

A lot of people think that if they will not getting the traffic they will not get approval that’s not right at all if you are getting 1 or 2 visitors you will get approval and never ever go for paid traffic which is the worst thing you will do if you buy that traffic.


So if you wanted to get Google Adsense approval then follow all the things which I mention above and you will be getting Google Adsense approval easily.
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