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What Is Blog And All About Blogging? Why Blogging?

What Is Blog And All About Blogging? Why Blogging? :- so hello guys here i will be sharing with you all about Blogging and share my opinion about blogging what exactly blogging is and what you can do with blogging so check out this article till the end.
What Is Blog?
Blog is type of Website or a Web Page which updates on regularly. And the main thing that a blog can be a Website but a website can’t be a Blog. And a blog is a frequently updated online personal journal or dairy. It is a place to express your thought and here you can also share your passions to the world. And a blog is your own website or web page which updates on regularly. And a blog can be easily updates with services like as Blogger, Tumbler, WordPress etc.  How you can get basic identification of blog in a blog having a commenting system where anyone can comment and participate in the communication of any article which is posted in a blog. Blog post are archived by Author, Category, Date, Tags, and Sub-Categories. A…