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Whatsapp To limit "Forwards" To 5 Users To contain Rumors 2018

Whatsapp To limit "Forwards" To 5 Users To contain Rumors 2018 :- So hello guys as we all know that whatsapp is the one of the most popular social messaging app which almost everyone use and here they introduced some new features which is a good step by Whatsapp and it will help to control to spread fake news in market.

Whatsapp New Upcoming Feature 
So actually whatsapp start this new feature very soon which by which user can not forward message more than 5 user at the same time. because we all know that in whatsapp we all got messages that send this message to 10 people 15 people you will pass in your exam bla bla bla that types of messages which is just fake and some times you will get some link as well as which says share this link with 20 people you will get 250 Rs recharge. so after this features this thing will be going to stop a little bit.

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